6th National ace pigeon 1-day long distance Fondspiegel 2011-2013
Best 1-day long distance racer in Section 8 GOU 2011-2013 Won 7 x top 100 in NPO 1-day long distance races.

‘Cyrus’ is a son to two famous pigeons. His father is ‘Zlatan’ NL01-2426984 (owner Nico-Jan Koenders), acepigeon middle distance Regio 4/Afdeling 8 (± 1.000 fanciers) in 2002, acepigeon one day long distance Regio 4/Afdeling 8 (± 1.000 fanciers) in 2003 and 2nd National acepigeon WZHB 2003. His mother is ‘Roosje’ NL03-2083516, 1st La Ferte Bernard 5,503 p, 1st Duffel 2,450 p, 1st Vierzon 588 p, 1st Strombeek 2,307 p, 1st Bourges 675 p, 1st Morlincourt 1,374 p and so on.

‘Cyrus’ became father to:

‘Diablo’ NL08-1241483:

1st NPO Morlincourt 16,971 p.
2nd Moeskroen/Menen 1,767 p. labeled within greater element with regards to betfair exchange promo code. (1st vs 460 p.)
3rd St. Job in ’t Goor 6,324 p.
16th NPO Châteaudun 3,789 p.
17th Arras 1,784 p.
19th Epehy 5,501 p.
31st Moeskroen/Menen 2,016 p.

‘Evolution’ NL09-5910006:

2nd Acepigeon Youngsters Federation (appr. 220 members)

2nd Moeskroen 6,273 p. (1st vs 2,544 p.)
1st Breuil le Vert 140 p.
16th Geel 765 p.
18th Orléans 586 p.
20th Moeskroen/Menen 714 p.

‘Freya’ NL10-1404062

1st Morlincourt 5,281 p.
4th Morlincourt 1,075 p.
13rd Mantes la Jolie 807 p.
26th Strombeek 1,861 p.
38th Duffel 2,337 p.
42nd Strombeek 5,161 p.

‘Fargo’ NL10-1404018

2nd Duffel 2,337 p. (1st vs 324 p.)
5th St. Job 5,210 p.
29th Strombeek 5,161 p.
2nd Meer 245 p.


1st Breuil le Vert 137 p.
21st Peronne 1,534 p.
154th St. Job 5,210 p.


1st St. Job 667 p.

‘Cyrus’ is a halfbrother to:

‘Cesar’ NL07-5708934

1st Acepigeon youngsters CC De Waalkant 2007

‘Lorca’ NL07-5707469 (Koenders):

1st Pommeroeul 10,652 p.
2nd National acepigeon short distance 2008

‘Salinero’ NL03-2036127 (Koenders):

1st Acepigeon middle distance Regio 4/Afdeling 8 (± 1.000 fanciers)
5th NPO Bourges 3,673 p.
10th NPO Orléans 5,741 p.

(last updated 15-5-2011)

‘Cherisa’ is an inbred product to ‘Suuske’ (NL97-1096582), our basic breeding hen. ‘Cherisa’ is a daughter to ‘Berry’ (1st Duffel 6.632 p.) mated to ‘Masja’, winner of 1st Morlincourt 4,673 p, 1st Niergnies 315 p, 1st Blois 455 p (4th NPO 3,735 p), 1st Bourges 527 p (5th NPO 7,075 p) and so on.

Cherisa was 2nd Ace-Pigeon Long Distance in Federation of CC De Waalkant 2009, 7th Ace-Pigeon Long Distance in Federation of CC De Waalkant in 2008 and won:

  • 2nd Chantilly 701 p.
  • 5th Strombeek 560 p.
  • 5th Chateaudun 118 p.
  • 12th Duffel 903 p.
  • 12th Bourges 448 p.
  • 28th Morlincourt 3,888 p.
  • 83th Strombeek 2,521 p.

In NPO & National-competition she won:

  • 101st Nat. Chantilly Afd. 8 13,428 p.
  • 111th NPO Bourges 3,328 p.
  • 115th NPO Orléans 6,135 p.
  • 119th NPO Bourges 3,136 p.
  • 175th NPO Blois 3,585 p.
  • 219th NPO Blois 3,688 p.
  • 221th NPO Châteauroux 3,089 p.
  • 247th NPO Châteaudun 4,659 p.

Cherisa is grandmother to:

  • NL09-1619872 which won 3rd NPO Isnes 19,500 pigeons at Mr. Posthuma from St. Jac. Parochie (bred by Mr. Hillebrand Klaver). It also became 2nd Ace pigeon youngsters CCG ‘De Kuststrook’ (350 members) 2009
  • NL09-1619869 (also bred by Mr. Klaver and owned by Mr Posthuma) which won 1st NPO Signy Signetz (517 kms) in North-west Friesland against ± 4.500 pigeons (8th Total Amalgation 11). This bird won earlier 1st vs 289 b., 1st vs 192 b. and 1st vs 164 b. (no doubles).
  • NL10-1306109 (Henk van Beek, Holten), won 1st Duffel Afd. 9 against 23.996 youngbirds ’10

(last updated 25-04-2011)